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About Me

My Story

I have nearly 30 years of technology experience in industries such as Cloud Hosting, Fintech, Healthcare Tech, and Backup & disaster Recovery. I’ve built Software Engineering teams, Product Management teams, DevOps teams, and scaled Engineering organizations to increase delivery and efficiency.

I have helped guide companies through significant milestones such as IPOs, mergers, divestitures, and acquisitions. Additionally, I possess hands-on experience in Agile methodologies, software architecture, cloud migrations, software engineering, CI-CD, and application scaling.

People First

I’m a people-first leader who believes that the right amount of process and discipline can unlock your company’s potential. When Engineering and Product align properly to the organizational objective, your company will transform.

Building a good team and properly empowering them will make the technology issues much easier to solve.

Technology is easy, people are hard. I help you navigate both with my many years of experience.


You name the industry or situation, I have been there and learned the lessons.


The most exciting moment is seeing your teams working well with each other and delivering successfully. I can help you get there.


Cloud, Healthcare Tech, FinTech, Product Management, DevOps, I’ve seen it all.